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A Memorable Road Trip From Delhi To Agra

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Corporate life in Delhi can sometimes be quite stressful and can take a toll on our mental health. So to take a break and de-stress, I planned a road trip to Agra with my girl gang as this provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and make memories along the way.

Agra, here we come!

After a long week came the day of our much-awaited road trip to Agra, and we decided to reach our destination via the famous Yamuna Expressway. While witnessing the stunning Taj and the glory of Agra was fascinating, it was the drive through the picturesque Yamuna Expressway that excited me the most.

Yamuna Expressway is the second-longest highway in India that stretches through hundreds and thousands of villages and prominent cities of Uttar Pradesh. It is further known as Taj Expressway as many people visit Agra to witness the mesmerising Taj Mahal via this road.

Get off the motorway and relish some food!

As we all wanted to take a break and make the most of the trip, we were not in the mood to drive ourselves. It was why we booked a comfortable cab from Delhi to Agra with an experienced driver and began our journey early in the morning to catch the rising sun and, most importantly, avoid hectic Delhi traffic and innumerable red lights.

The drive to the expressway from our home was quick, and soon we moved out of the city around sunrise. After travelling for a few kilometers, witnessing the surreal beauty of the Yamuna Expressway, we reached Faridabad, where we decided to take a halt for breakfast.

Let me tell you, the eating outlets situated on the Yamuna Expressway are the perfect place to grab some delicious snacks and also soak in the beauty of picturesque vistas that the route offers. After relishing some mouth-watering food items and a good cup of joe, we resumed our trip.

Picturesque sights on the way!

Since we heard a lot about the famous Badkhal lake in Faridabad, we asked the driver to take us to the lake. Nestled in the lap of Aravali hills, Badkhal lake of Faridabad is unquestionably a sight to behold. With lush greenery surrounding the lake and a peaceful environment taking off all our stress, everything was picture-perfect! After spending some time at the lake and clicking pictures for our Instagram, we moved further.

Soon we were back on the road and started our endless car conversations with music delighting our ears. With just three hours left to reach our destination, we wanted to make the most of our road trip and create as many memories to cherish for a lifetime.

By the time we reached Vrindavan highway, we were hungry again and decided to take the next halt at a small dhaba where we enjoyed Aloo paratha loaded with butter and a cup of ginger tea that was simply refreshing.

A spiritual halt at ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan!

Before moving ahead on the Yamuna Expressway, we went to the famous Hare Rama Hare Krishna ISKCON Temple in Vrindavan. Made with stunning marble and granite, the ISKCON temple is truly an architectural wonder exuding positivity with a mesmerising idol of Lord Krishna. It was around 11 am when we resumed our journey. We decided not to take more halts as we wanted to reach Agra soon.

As Agra was not too far from Vrindavan highway, we reached our destination within one and a half hours, and the commute was smooth thanks to the service offered by the cab driver of our car rental in Delhi.

Standing proudly on the banks of the Yamuna river, Agra welcomed us with open arms, and we could not wait to explore the city, have fun and make more memories.