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Do hashtags on Instagram matter?


Hashtags on Instagram are most important for getting likes and followers on Instagram, but only  with their proper use. Hashtags have become a powerful tool to increase the engagement of your followers and gain new followers on Instagram. However, many people do not use them optimally, adding too many of them and choosing them wrongly. Follow the Instagram hashtag tips below to maximize engagement on your website. If you want to increase your engagement rate at TikTok, the only shortcut to do that is Buying TikTok followers Uk.

1. Arrange hashtags correctly on Instagram.

Where is the best place to put tags on Instagram? While some influencers add hashtags to the photo description, others prefer to include all of them in the first comment. But what is the best method? BestFollowers.Uk analyzed 649,895 Instagram posts from over 6,700 business profiles of various sizes to determine which place is best for increasing engagement. Interestingly, the account size contributed to a better placement. Putting tags in the comments under the photo is effective primarily for large profiles with over 100,000 followers. If your account has fewer followers, better put them under the photo.

2. Don’t use too much or too little hashtags.

According to Later, one hashtag means an average of 12.6% increase in engagement. Following this line of reasoning, the more hashtags the better.  Intuition, however, is a disappointment here and too many hashtags deteriorate the visibility of the photo. It is not known why using a large number of hashtags reduces your reach. This is probably the result of the Instagram algorithms treating such a photo as spam.  Most users can achieve the best results by using 5-8 hashtags per photo.

3. Create hashtags that stand out for you.

Combine your own distinctive tags with those commonly used to increase your reach. For example, if you have a culinary profile where you introduce a series of dietary desserts, the use of “#desser” will not help raise awareness of the new series of products or help to organize the content. Your post would likely get lost among 813,000 posts using this hashtag. In contrast, if you use “#deserykasi”, you will be able to organize all tagged content around a specific campaign and make it easily visible to your audience.

4. Choose the right tags for your post.

There should be constant hashtags in the post that define the content that is typical for you and the specific product you are presenting. Apart from that, however, you should use hashtags tailored to a specific post:

Brażowe: Put hashtags about the industry you are posting from. Check out the most matched Instagram hashtags for each category.

Branded: Include hashtags of the brands used in the photo

Trends: Use industry trends and popular, current tags . Check out the most popular hashtags on Instagram .

Location: Indicate the locations where you create campaigns to gain reach among local users.

Track your progress based on the number of views each Instagram hashtag cloud has collected from your posts.

To do this, click “View Statistics” in the post and then swipe up to view the number of views from tags.

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