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How to add music to Instagram Stories


How beautiful is it watching an Instagram story of a gorgeous sunset as soothing music is playing in the background? There’s something special that is so appealing about combining a stunning view with a soothing tune that makes you smile as you look at.

Background music can elevate your Instagram videos up a notch and trigger all the appropriate emotions. How do you incorporate music into Instagram Stories? Instagram users can upload their favorite music on Instagram Stories via the app and also through our online editor for videos.  You can also buy Instagram followers for your profile making the best organic growth. Learn how!

How to include music in Instagram Stories through the Instagram app

If you’re looking to share or republish an Instagram Story with an awesome video or photo, consider using background music.  It’s fast and cost-free!

Step 1. Add the Instagram Story photo or video. Instagram Story photo or video

Click the Add button in the top-right edge of your account. Then, click the Story button to begin making your own Instagram Story. Upload a photo or video. After you’ve uploaded photos or videos for your Instagram Storypicture, simply click the third tab (looks like smiley faces). The editing options will be available, just click on the music button.

Step 2. Select the music you want to use for your Instagram Story

When you click “Music”, an endless selection of songs will pop up. You have two choices available, for You or Browse. You can listen to the song by clicking on the play button located on the right part of your screen. Select the song you want to add to Instagram Story. Instagram Story and you will be back in the story.

3. Modify your background music

Instagram chooses automatically a part of the song that they believe you’ll like. If you’d prefer an alternative chorus or verse move the toolbar to a certain date.

You’ll also find 6 options for display above the toolbar. You can alter the look of the song by selecting these. Select the album cover, alternate text, and rotate. The circle to the left of the timeline is what the duration of your song is expected to last for. You can select between five and fifteen seconds. When you are done, click Done.

Once you’ve completed creating the Instagram Story background music, Click Done in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Place your song’s location in the new location and place it on the post

After you have clicked done in the upper right-hand corner, you will be able to move the album cover or lyrics across the screen. The size will shrink by applying two fingers to the song. Put the song in the spot you prefer. You can erase the song by removing it from the screen completely. Press the share button when is ready to share.

How do I add music to Instagram Stories via Apps

In the event that you’d prefer to add an audio track from a library, you are able to browse the Clipchamp royalty-free library of stock audio and add it to the story on your Instagram Story. Create your own Story video using the online editor for video, and then add your music and save it! It’s that simple. Let’s dive into the intricacies of how to include music in Instagram Stories through Clipchamp. Or you can also use the Instagram story views service of InstaBoost.

Step 1. Sign into Clipchamp

If you already have already a Clipchamp account, sign in to your account, or join for free today. Find the song’s location, then post

Step 2. Create an entirely new project

Select the red + Make an account button. Then, set an aspect ratio that is a portrait to 9.16. All Instagram Stories should be created in the ratio of 9:16. Change the name of your video.

3. Add your Instagram Story video

Click”+” in white text to add your personal media. Drag and drop the video file, or browse through your existing files. Click on the video that you want to play, and then click Save. Drag and drop the movie onto your timeline.

Step 4. Add royalty-free audio stock

Select the Music & SFX side tab. explore the library of music by typing in a certain word or browsing through our categories. Once you’ve found the song you’d like to make the background music for your Instagram Story background music, click the + symbol. The music will be automatically added to your timeline.

The audio should be exactly the same length as the video clip by cutting the video clip using the Snip tool. Eliminate the unwanted portion by using the Trash tool, and move the green sidebar under your video.

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