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How You can Reduce Printing Cost of E-Cigarette Boxes


E-cigarettes have gained a lot of attention as they have endless benefits. People who cannot quit prefer consuming E-cigarettes these days as they are less harmful for the body. If you want to enter the e-cigarette industry, then you must use high-quality packaging to sell your product. The customers want to buy products from brands that sell their e-cigarettes in a premium quality box.

The high-quality e-cigarette boxes will help you to deliver secure and quality E-cigarettes to the customers. Many brands don’t go for a high-quality customized packaging because it can be effective. Printed boxes are one of the best choices to promote your products efficiently. If you want to market your products, then choosing a printed box is the best choice. You can create low prices and budget-friendly boxes and save costs on your packaging budget. Here is all you need to know about affordable and cost-effective printed e-cigarette boxes.

Research your options

It is important to research the printing costs and printing techniques that are popular these days. If you want to reduce the cost of your packaging, then choosing high-quality e-cigarette packaging is the best choice. Many printing techniques have been introduced in the market. There are many options that are expensive but if you are looking for an affordable packaging then you should choose a budget friendly printing options. You should research about the latest printing technologies well and then decide on the printing techniques of your box packaging.

Only print what needs to be printed

Custom e-cigarette boxes can be designed with a variety of designs and styles. If you want to reduce the cost of packaging, then printing your content wisely is the best choice. If you want to reduce the printing costs of your packaging boxes, then choosing to print important stuff is recommended. You don’t have to print unnecessary stuff on the boxes as this can increase the cost of packaging.

Many brands print unnecessary stuff on the boxes which doesn’t help to increase their sales. They increase the cost of their packaging and don’t gain any benefit from the printed content on the boxes. It is essential to print the content that needs to be printed. You can print the important stuff on your boxes and this will help you to reduce the unnecessary cost of your packaging.

Print cheaper with certain fonts

E-cigarette boxes must be designed with creative Fonts with wide letters. You can save your printing costs if you choose certain fonts. It is best to choose thick lines, many curls and serifs as this will help you to use less printer ink. This will help you to reduce the cost of your printing. You can also reduce your printing costs by 30% if you choose the right font. Many printing fonts such as “Century Gothic” and “Garamond” can help you to reduce your packaging costs. These fonts are standard in most word processing programs and you can easily choose it as your printing font. The top 3 fonts that must be used for cheap printing are as follows:

  • Arial
  • Trebuchet
  • Tahoma

Even smaller font sizes can help you to save paper and ink. It is easier to reduce the font size before printing. This will also help you to reduce the packaging costs. This means more content will be able to fit on a sheet of packaging material.

Color or monochrome printing.

If you want to save ink, then you must choose to print in black and white. The content on the boxes will look clear and can also help you to boost the sales of your products. If you choose the right color prints, then it will help you to reduce the cost of your printing. The custom e-cigarette boxes with color copies in the copy shop are much more expensive as compared to simple black-and-white copies. If you use several Ink cartridges, then it can make your box more expensive as compared to the black cartridges. Many printers can help you to save money as many printers use colors of the grayscale. Grayscales are not made with black ink. This ink is economical and can help you to reduce the cost of your printing.

 Change paper type and reduce costs.

Wasting paper can increase your budget. You must pay attention to the quality of the paper so that your boxes become durable and strong. The cheap paper offers a high absorbency. This makes the use of unnecessary ink. If you carry on with the usual applications, then you can use the printer paper that has a thickness of around of 80 grams. When the paper becomes thicker and is of a higher quality then it becomes easier to reduce the cost of your packaging. The photo prints are made with recycled paper and can help to make the printing cheaper as compared to the pure white paper.

Reduce printing costs when printing photos

For many years, box manufacturers, are using a lot of techniques to reduce their packaging costs. If you want to reduce the cost of printing, then you must choose to print more photos. This will help you to reduce the written content on the boxes. There are many printers that are suitable for photography. If you choose special photos for your product It is best to choose the right preliminary considerations as this will help you to save ink. It is important to choose the right image sharpness and color as this will help you to make the boxes more appealing.

The criteria for photo printing is to choose the best quality boxes for your e-cigarettes. If you want to capture the market, then choosing to print more photos is the best choice.  High-quality ink paper offers your boxes a smooth surface. This will require you to use less ink which reduces the cost of packaging. It is important to make sure that less ink is used during printing. The best way to print beautiful photo prints is to choose high-quality, wood-free photo paper. It is also best to choose the right printer configurations as this will help you to change the settings for photo printing. If you want to market your e-cigarettes, then choosing a premium-quality printing technology is the best choice.

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