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Mattress Cleaning VS Carpet Cleaning

When most people think about mattress cleaning, they think of getting rid of unpleasant stains like perspiration, blood, or urine, or washing it to get rid of dust mites and improve overall cleanliness. However, because a mattress is not the same as a carpet, which has well-established and successful cleaning procedures. This is a highly specialized process that should be approached with caution.

Difference b/w Carpet and Mattress Cleaning

The issue is that mattresses do not dry quickly. Moisture in a mattress does not dry out as quickly as it does in a carpet because of its composition. This implies that we should not apply standard carpet and upholstery cleaning methods at all costs. This eliminates hot water extraction and steam cleaning, as well as dry steam cleaning, which requires drying time and, since the mattress takes so long to dry, it may stimulate the formation of mold, which is potentially harmful to your health.

So, where does this leave you in terms of mattress cleaning? Most cleaning companies will agree that removing stains like the ones mentioned above is nearly impossible, partly because it would require dampening the mattress, and partly because what works on a carpet does not always work on a mattress, and often when you try to remove a mark, you will be left with a ring when it dries.

What to do?

Leave the stains alone and clean the mattress in a different method to kill bacteria and remove any dust and allergens that have accumulated in the mattress. After that, You can place a mattress protector on the bed for cosmetic purposes. So, how can you get rid of dust mites and all the filth in there while also cleaning it hygienically to eliminate bacteria without getting it wet?

Get Professional Help

The most efficient method of mattress cleaning is to use a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter. However, there is a catch. Most household vacuums aren’t powerful enough to perform the job correctly. If you’re concerned about dust mites, you’ll need to hire a professional mattress cleaning service. They’ll utilize equipment with far greater power and suction than yours, allowing them to remove far more dust and allergens.

Their machines may also have a germicidal light, which will kill bacteria and viruses while also denaturing allergies. Many people will additionally use a harmless plant-based anti-allergen/sanitizing spray to complete the process. The ultimate result will be a hygienically clean, allergen-free, and dust-free mattress that will dry quickly and be ready to use again.


The cleaning firm should clean both sides of the mattress for you and turn it over as well. People with dust mite allergies, such as eczema, asthma, and rhinitis, will notice a significant improvement in their symptoms. Even people who wake up sneezing or with blocked noses will notice a significant improvement. This means you can keep your mattress longer and save money in the long run.

The most effective method of combating and controlling pest and bug infestations has been proven to be these machines. A carpet cleaning company can also bring in a high-powered vacuum cleaner to help treat the affected area.