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Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Illinois For A Great Vacay

Illinois Attractions

After a year or more of being cooped up in your house, pretty much anything that isn’t your home looks brilliant and unique right now. (Did the Red Line get a makeover, or have we simply not ridden in 14 months?) Even at a time when almost everything appears to be beautiful to our eyes. There are some spots in the Prairie State that are objectively more captivating than others. And they are worth a day (or weekend) trip. 

Chicago is the most well-known city in Illinois. And no vacation to the state would be complete without a few days in the Windy City. The little towns of Illinois, on the other hand, stand in stark contrast to this massive metropolis, adding charm and local flavor. Rock climbing routes, spectacular canyons, and thriving Amish towns might surprise visitors who haven’t spent much time here. 

Illinois is more than just cornfields and Chicago. Illinois is located in the Midwest and is home to Chicago. The country’s third-largest metropolis as well as a major sport and cultural center. So you’re going to Illinois? Don’t be seated anymore. Make frontier airlines booking in any class and save up to 40% off on every flight till the last minute. For your ease, here is an exhaustive list of some places you must visit in the land of Lincoln on your US trip:

Morton Arboretum

At the Morton Arboretum, you may proudly call yourself a tree-hugger (as long as you’re gentle with the trees). Where nearly a quarter-million plants flourish along 16 miles of hiking trails and beyond. The arboretum is committed to the study and conservation of plant life from throughout the world. And their Tree ID function can tell you exactly what you’re looking at, no matter where you are. Don’t leave without taking a stroll through the Maze Garden, and keep an eye out for large-scale art installations dotted about the grounds.


Chicago is the most apparent place to begin a vacation to Illinois because it is a large city with a lot to see and do. People who live here will tell you how harsh the winters are, but how the summers in Chicago more than makeup for it every year. Summer brings exciting festivals to the streets, and everyone flocks to the beaches to bike and jog the Lakefront Trail and sunbathe in the sand. But there’s enough to do even when it’s snowing. With Broadway musicals, The Second City, and other improv theatres, and a variety of concert venues, this city has a thriving art and cultural scene. In Chicago, the craft beer and cuisine scenes are huge, so try some local brews and bites.

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Great River Road

A ride down the Great River Road, which runs the length of Illinois’ western border, would be well worth the trip even if you sat in the car the entire time: you’re sandwiched between the Mississippi River on one side and native flora and fauna on the other. But, between Galena’s quaint historical city to the north and the Shawnee National Forest to the south, there’s much more beauty to be found along the road, so schedule your food stops accordingly. PS: If kitsch is more your style, Collinsville is home to the world’s largest catsup bottle. 


Quincy, Illinois, is perched on the cliffs above the Mississippi River. This city is a delightful destination to visit, with dogwood-lined streets and fine architecture, much of it in classic German style. Quincy has a long history; it was a safe haven for Mormons fleeing persecution in the eastern states, as well as a significant stop on the Underground Railroad, which allowed African Americans to avoid slavery in the south. Quincy, like many other Mississippi River cities, has a strong blues music tradition, but it also has an annual film festival, an exceptional opera company, and a beautiful theatre.


Rockford, Illinois’ second largest city outside of the Chicago area, is known as “The Forest City” because of its 20,000 acres of green area. Home to four rivers, many golf courses, and Rock Cut State Park, which offers scenic lakes and hiking trails to boaters and campers. Midway Hamlet, a pioneer village with costumed docents and historical exhibits, is a great place to learn about Rockford’s history. 


Bloomington is Illinois’ 12th largest city, with a sister city, Normal, that participates in municipal decision-making. The land was first used as a Kickapoo Native American campsite until Euro-American immigrants arrived in 1820 and planted roots in the city’s waterways and woods. Bloomington-Normal is a city with several personalities.


Illinois, often known as “the Prairie State” and “the Land of Lincoln,” is a vacation destination brimming with possibilities. From the sparkling metropolis of Chicago to the rolling farmlands of Poplar Grove. Hiking, climbing, camping, and kayaking. Inspired enough? Plan a holiday right away and book your trip to Illinois with AirlinesMap and customize your travel itinerary accordingly. To make your next holiday trip more exciting add these places to visit in Illinois to your bucket list!