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The Advantages of Using Waist High Turnstiles for Access Control

Waist-high turnstiles are a popular type of access control system used in many public spaces, including train stations, public transport areas, and office buildings. These turnstiles use rotation to control the flow of pedestrian traffic, providing an effective means of verifying entry credentials while limiting access to authorized personnel. In this article, we will examine the advantages of using waist-high turnstiles for access control.

Advantages of Using Waist-High Turnstiles for Access Control:

1. Improved Security: Security is one of the primary advantages of using waist-high turnstiles for access control. These systems ensure that only authorized personnel are granted entry, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

2. Cost-Effective: Compared to other access control systems, waist-high turnstiles are a cost-effective solution to manage pedestrian traffic, providing security and managing pedestrian traffic flow in a cost-efficient way.

3. Better Traffic Flow Management: Waist-high turnstiles enhance pedestrian traffic flow management by providing a clear and efficient way to manage the flow of authorized persons into specific areas. They can accommodate high volumes of traffic while maintaining efficient operation during high-traffic periods.

Applications of Waist-High Turnstiles in Access Control:

1. Corporate Offices: Waist-high turnstiles are often used within corporate offices to manage access to specific areas, such as the executive offices or data centers.

2. Public Transport Areas: Waist-high turnstiles are common in public transport areas such as train stations, where they help reduce ticket fraud and decrease the risk of security breaches in restricted areas.

3. Concert and Sport Venues: Waist-high turnstiles can also be found in concert and sport venues, managing crowd control entering and exiting the premises, and limiting access to authorized personnel.

Advancements in Waist-High Turnstile Technology:

1. Biometric Authentication: Biometric authentication has advanced the security features of waist-high turnstiles. These systems use facial recognition or fingerprint technology to accurately identify authorized personnel, streamlining entry and exit verification processes.

2. Anti-Tailgating Technology: Modern waist-high turnstiles may incorporate anti-tailgating technology to deter and detect unauthorized access. Anti-tailgating technology recognizes and prevents unauthorized traffic, using sensors to identify the number of people passing through the turn gates and alerting security personnel of any suspicious activity.

3. Contactless Technology: Contactless technology is increasingly being integrated into waist-high turnstiles. This helps to limit physical contact of users with the turnstile and introduces the possibility to use mobile technology to create unique gate keys with embedded authorization to manage entry and exit points.


Waist-high turnstiles are an effective and affordable access control solution for public and private spaces. They offer improved security, better traffic flow management, and increased cost-effectiveness. Important advancements in the technology of waist-high turnstiles such as biometric authentication, anti-tailgating technology, and contactless technology have further enhanced the security features and the convenience of waist-high turnstile access control solutions. Customizable applications such as corporate offices, airports, train stations and sports venues continue to benefit from the use of waist-high turnstiles in managing entrance and exit points. In conclusion, waist-high turnstiles remain a critical component of modern access control systems, playing a crucial role in security protocols, maintaining social distance, and facilitating pedestrian traffic flow management.