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The complete mobile app development checklist 2022

mobile app development

The mobile app development industry is all set to entice smart users from across the globe. Over the years, it has evolved and is still evolving rapidly.

The mobile app development services are doing a commendable job when it comes to accelerating your business at a faster pace. Mobile app development is not an easy task. It would be best if you went through many challenging situations to get yourself registered in the ever-growing markets today. However, you must understand how to develop a mobile application before understanding the checklist for 2022.

Here is how you develop a mobile application?

Mobile app development is a challenging project. You must understand how to go about it first. However, you should follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Planning is a Must

Whenever you launch a bigger product, it requires a lot of planning. Without a plan you can never produce something outstanding in the markets today. Since the competition is getting fierce, we must understand we need something unique.

Hire a mobile app development agency

Seeking help from experts is the best you could do in 2022. The world is evolving and following the latest trends. It is crucial to hire experts for the mobile app development process. Experts know how to integrate new features into your app. With diverse experience, they tend to build a connection with your potential audience. Hence, hiring an expert is the perfect call you can make.

Know the Platforms

There are three platforms for which you develop an application. The platforms are Android, ios and Web. You must understand where the majority of your customers are active. Once you know this, you select the platforms accordingly. Moreover, developing apps that are functional on multiple platforms are hybrid, and the ones that function on just one platform are called native applications.

However, you must understand the platforms and types before starting the development process. It is important!


Wireframes tell the users about the layout of a mobile application. A mobile app developer will always follow the wireframes to create your mobile app. However, the designer’s work comes into play when the backend development processes go as planned.

Test the prototype

When you finalize the wireframes and your app designs, it is crucial to test their functionality. You must test the prototype to understand how your app functions for your potential users. A prototype is the dummy version of your app. It depicts your application’s loopholes before you launch it in the markets. Hence, you must gather valuable feedback and implement it on your app before launching it.

Put everything together

Feedback incorporation should be spotted on. Everything needs to come together because you are launching an important part of your business in the market.

Test the app and finally launch it

It is important to test your mobile application before launching it. Hence, testing is crucial to check the user interface and its operations. It needs to be perfect in toading and providing the users with an absolutely amazing user experience.

Moreover, once you are sure of its functionality, it is time to launch it finally!

mobile app development checklist 2022

From now on you know the basic structure of developing a mobile application. Let us go through the 2022 checklist to understand the details in-depth.

Discovery Phase

The discovery phase is all about the development process. In this phase, the developer checks for your app’s viability. You go through the target market and your competition to understand what features to add to the application. However, you seek the following data in this process.

  • It understands your target market and its user journey in detail.
  • You are getting a good grip on what your target market is experiencing since your app will give them a unique solution.
  • You understand whether any other company offers solutions to a similar problem you are catering to.
  • Knowing your competitors and their practices in detail
  • The features your competitors are offering.
  • You understand the ways you can monetize your mobile application.

Tech-driven requirements

When you know the target demographics in detail and the features they might like in your application. It is time to look at the tech-driven advancements. You must understand the basic technology of your app. Following are the primary tech features to check.

  • See if you want a native or a hybrid app
  • Work on platforms – Android, iOS, or web
  • Know ways to improve the operations, keeping the platforms in mind.
  • See if your app will be integrated with the device’s features or not.
  • Will the app require a cloud-based infrastructure?

It would be best to ask yourself some basic questions to know where your app processes lead you. However, if you are missing any point, you must integrate it.

Check the User Interface Details

When you finalize the details, that helps in the performance of your mobile application. It is essential to consider the user interface of your app. However, it is necessary to think about your application’s emotions amongst your target users. The user interface determines those emotions. If it is excellent, you have a fair chance to thrive in the competitive marketplace. If not, then you must understand the loopholes.

However, the checklist for mobile app UI is as follows,

  • Seek for your wireframes to understand the placement of designs
  • Understand the orientation of your app. See whether it is landscaped or portrait.
  • It is essential to check whether the app transitions from portrait to landscape easily
  • See if you have finalized the benchmark
  • Did you work on the transitions between different screens?
  • See if your CTAs are prominent or not.
  • Check for the designing elements in your app

It is essential to see that your app follows the standard protocols of your brand personality. You must depict your business through the design elements in your app. It is important.

The development criteria

Now your idea must be available to thousands of online users. Hence, it is essential to transform your application idea into something productive and usable. The app concepts you have must come into proper shape. The checklist for development criteria is as follows,

  • Ask whether the app is in-house
  • See if you require an excellent mobile app development company or not.
  • Are you hiring an international developing company or opting for the local one?
  • Is everything falling into your decided budget
  • What is the time frame of your app development processes?
  • Are you sure about the app’s backend development features?

These questions are a must to ask while the development process is still in action. It is essential to add all the critical features to your mobile application beforehand.

Performance Metrics

Once you settle down on the development criteria of your mobile application, the next step is to measure its performance. You must understand the crucial pointers below for this.

  • You must understand your app’s behavior in events like low battery and airplane mode. Also, keep the low storage in mind.
  • See if the app has web services or not.
  • Is your app scalable or not?
  • Do you get a notification when the application crashes while using it?

Final thoughts

App development is always a challenging task. It requires a great understanding of your business to create something unique for potential users. However, it would be best to take care of the ever-growing competition to launch something extraordinary in 2022. All the best!