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Trending Wall Stencil Designs That Should Be On Your ‘Must-Have’ List

Stencil Designs

When we think of renovation or remodeling, the first thing our minds go to is a paint job. It is the simplest and most cost effective way of making your house look fresh and brand new and with the thousands of paint options available, there is something for everyone. As paint price is highly reasonable, it is an option that doesn’t require much investment or hassle, and even if something goes wrong, it can be easily fixed. Since there are too many options of wall painting stencils available in the market, we have compiled a list of the few that are currently very much in trend. Read on ahead to know which design will be the best for your home.

  1. Pattern Flow Stencil Design

Pattern Flow stencil design is when you pick a pattern and let it flow on your walls. They are much better than using wallpaper or stickers as they are less expensive and easy to work with or replace, if you decide to change the look of your walls after a few years. They add a touch of originality to your surroundings and will make your home feel more like you. There are many design options available so pick something that you feel will suit your space best.

  1. Berry Blossom Stencil Design

This is the perfect design for spring and summer as you can tell by its name. Giving your home an earthy look inspired by nature, this design will suit those homes best that have a lot of indoor plants. If your vibe is more calm and slow paced then adding this design to your walls is the perfect option for you.

  1. Season Stencil Design

The best thing about stencil wall painting is that it is so reasonably priced that you can change it up every few months according to your whims and fancies. As the seasons change, so do our moods and choosing a design based on the season is a good idea as it will enhance how you feel during that season. You can opt for the exact opposite by choosing a design based on your favorite season of the year so you can feel great all year round.

  1. Pop-Culture Stencil Design

For people who are heavily inspired by pop culture and its references, choosing to paint your walls in the same theme is the way to go. Incorporating the color scheme of your favorite film or choosing a stencil that gives a nod to your favorite musician and their songs will make sure that there is a personalized touch to your walls.

  1. Bamboo Bush Stencil Design

If you want to make your home feel and serene as a dojo, this one’s for you. Adding a bamboo design in your living room or veranda will instantly inspire calming thoughts. Bamboo inspired designs look great in houses with wooden minimalistic furniture and adding a few plants around this motif will take it up a notch.

These easy to maintain and simple designs will ensure that your house feels unique. Wall stencil painting is a surefire way to amp up your home decor style and not go overboard with expenses.