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Instagram targeted followers: what they are and where to buy them


Looking for information on targeted Instagram followers? You are in the right place! In a previous article we have already seen how and where to buy Italian followers for Instagram. While in today’s article we will take a further step forward and analyze some practices aimed at increasing the number of followers.

We will first see from a technical point of view what targeted followers are and why they are so important to grow. Next, we will present the main Italian marketing agencies that offer the possibility of buying Instagram followers in target. Or that manage your account by making it grow organically. Let’s begin!

Targeted Instagram followers: what they are

Increasing Instagram followers is very important to increase your reputation on this social network.

However, the increase in your numbers on Instagram is of little use if the new followers obtained are fake or inactive. Do not understand the language in which you communicate. So, Or are not at all interested in you and the content you deal with on your profile.

In a nutshell, the only followers that count for something to increase the real and monetary. That is, those who are genuinely interested in the topics you are talking about. Since they are ideally part of the market niche in which you operate.

Buying targeted followers, or increasing followers through organic growth services, allows you to improve your engagement on Instagram. Just because the new followers you get will naturally be interested in the posts you publish. Some of them could also easily become your customer’s .

Where to buy Instagram followers

The best site ever that offers the possibility to buy targeted Instagram followers is InstaBoost.com.au (formerly Social Site), an Australian web agency now famous in Australia  for the quality and wide choice of services offered in the social media field. Buy Instagram followers from Australia through this social agency and get the desired results.


InstaBoost  offers packages of targeted followers who are really interested in your profile: they are real followers, Italian, targeted and in target.

On the customer support side, the service is exceptional:  dedicated WhatsApp number and  live chat  will give you constant support from Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 19. All entirely in Australian.

You can also take advantage of a 10% discount on any of your orders placed on InstaBoost  , by entering the code ” NEON10 ” at the time of purchase.

Get targeted followers with InstaBoost  

The main alternative to 1milionedifan if you want to get targeted followers is certainly represented by InstaBoost. ( here the official website ), the best Instagram growth service currently existing on the Italian market.

The company is Italian and makes its team of experts available to  work on your profile on a daily basis  and guarantee constant growth in terms of followers and real likes, of quality and target with the sector you work in.

The followers that you can get with the InstaBoost service vary  from 1000 to 3000 per month . There are three packages available:

  • Basic , at a cost of 99 euros per month.
  • Elite , at a cost of 149 euros per month.
  • Platinum , at a cost of 199 euros per month.

Considering the fact that you are paying for real social media managers to manage your account for you. And the amount is very small.

If you buy the Platinum package you will also get 2 e-books  on strategies to grow and earn with Instagram as a free bonus  , with a total value of 88 euros. I must say that I have read them and found them very good.

I have used and use  InstaBoost for my business project and I am doing very well, both in terms of the effectiveness of the service and in terms of customer support via WhatsApp. Not only! Using the promotional code ” PDVMEDIA5 ” at the time of purchase you will be entitled to a  5% discount  on all available packages! Not bad, right? Instagram targeted followers: what they are and where to buy them