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Why Is Football The World’s Most Favorite Sport?


Football is one of the oldest sport that is still played today. Consistent with FIFA, “ball games” almost like football were played as early as 200 B.C within the UK. This game has changed much since then, and it was not until 1857 when Sheffield F.C, the first-ever football club, was founded in England in 1857. The oldest football competition that’s still played today is England’s FA Cup, which first competition was played in 1871.  

What makes football so popular?

The last World Cup was played in Russia in 2018, and it had been viewed by almost 4 billion people, and you don’t believe that the world population is almost 8 billion. This suggests that half the world’s population watched football’s greatest event. There are tons of things that ought to be considered, but easily the foremost important one is football’s decentralization, meaning that it’s played globally rather than just in one region. Other factors like its low cost to play and ease significantly contribute to creating it even more popular.

Sports, generally, excite passion in public. However, many objects build soccer different from alternative sports like Cricket, baseball, and basketball that build it truly more famous and favorite within the whole world. After reading this text, you ought to be ready to understand why football is so popular around the world. It’s incredible how people around the world live the game of football as if it had been a faith. A game seems more interesting when you have all the required accessories. Use DealMeCoupon and get exciting discounts on balls, sport shirts, shoes, and so on at any favorite brand.

So, here we’ll describe the explanations that make football sports most favorite sport within the world: 

●       Inexpensive:

One of the foremost important reasons why football is so popular is because it’s so cheap to play. Sometimes you don’t even need a football. In my childhood, my friends and I played football with anything we found like plastic bottles or soda cans.

What makes it so great is that you can use your imagination to play anywhere within the world without having to spend one penny. Regardless of things, you’ll do anything to play the sport; the sole limit is your imagination. I watched a video of African Childs that used pieces of thread and plastic bags to form their football. 

However, if you would like to play with a true football ball, you’ll find relatively cheap and sturdy balls anywhere for less than 10 dollars. Now, imagine what percentage people can play with just a ten-dollar football ball. This is often what my friends and I want to do to neutralize the streets or the varsity. We might play a day with the ball of 1 of our friends and look out of it as if it had been ours.

When talking about football gear, the advantage is that the sole thing you’ll need to play football is a pair of football cleats and shin guards. Uniforms and football balls are usually provided by the team.

●       You can play football anywhere:

As I said before, sport is often played anywhere where there’s space. Being an outside sport is some things that provide it an enormous edge over other sports. It is played either outdoors or indoors, meaning that the sport is often played generally anywhere. Most of the time you’ll only need a football ball. However, a transportable football goal is often a complete game-changer and a sensible purchase.

●       Flexibility:

Another thing that provides the sport of football a plus over other sports is the flexibility it offers. You’ll play it 11 vs. 11 styles on a full-size gridiron. You’ll also play 5 vs 5 on an inside court or the beach. Playing 7 vs 7 is additionally possible during a turf field, also as other informal Street and freestyle tournaments.

It is played all over the world, and it is that the flexibility the sport has to adapt to your preferences and needs. If you don’t like one sort of football, you’ll play another then on. A sport which will be played in any way and whatever place possible will probably be very fashionable.

●       Short time:

A football match is 90 minutes long, including the half time the entire time you would possibly spend watching it is 2 hours. As compared to other sports, this is often only a few times. Baseball games, for instance, can last on average about 3-4 hours or maybe more if it goes to overtime. The more severe thing is that from those 3 hours, only about a quarter-hour are of actual playing time.

The mind gets tired and bored of seeing it when a sports game is just too long and takes too much time. The chances of watching the sport completely are higher than in other sports. Besides being shorter, the sport is quicker and has more activity. 


The sport is visually appealing. The excitement of the gang, the emotions, the roar of the crowd, and the green grass everything makes it attractive and exciting to watch it.

Now you can see that being a football fan is not something people choose or decide the moment they are born, they are already fans of a football team, and it happens in this way in the whole world.

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