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Why Bakhoor is the Best Gifts For any occasion?


Bakhoor is a scented brick made with a blend of natural traditional ingredients. These ingredients are then soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with elements such as Resin, Sandalwood, Musk, Flower oil, and many other ingredients to give the perfect aroma and unforgettable fragrance. Bakhoor has been used by many people for decades and can be found easily anywhere. Nowadays people are not only focusing on themselves to smell good but also they want their house and surrounding to have a beautiful odor. And what’s better than bakhoor for the house.

Bakhoor has been accustomed to Islamic sacraments for decades. It is also used on special occasions and it is considered as a traditional gesture in Arabia to pass Bakhoor as a present. Bakhoor has been used by not only Muslims but many other religions as well because of its celestial fragrance and the importance it holds for people among different religions.

 It is mostly used on special occasions like weddings, family gatherings and many other superior occasions because it boosts positive energy in the house and gives a pleasant feeling. It is also a traditional gesture in Arabia to pass Bakhoor to families and friends as a present and a symbol of love. You can find best bakhoor in Pakistan under reasonable price and also use it as a gift to pass on to someone else.

There are various reasons that why bakhoor is the best gift for any occasion. So let’s see its benefits and why it is considered as the best gift.

Calms your mind

When you get back from a tiring day and feel exhausted and like all your energy is being drained then Bakhoor comes into play. Lit up Bakhoor in your room and it will help release all the stress and exhaustion and will put your mind at ease. This is among one of its great benefits.


Bakhoor has been used by not only Muslims but many other religions as well because of its divine fragrance and the importance it holds for people among different religions. They feel connected to God when Bakhoor is lit in their houses and their mind and soul feels at peace.

Comforts sleeping

It is another reason that why giving bakhoor as a gift could help others. Some people often struggle sleeping at night. And it’s getting more common nowadays because of the busy schedule and hectic routine it gets difficult to have a proper 8 hours sleep. To overcome this problem Bakhoor is used by many people as the fragrance it emits helps in relaxing your mind and has healing properties which help you sleep in peace.

These are the reasons that people use bakhoor as a gift to give to their loved ones. Bakhoor is surely something worth having in your room or house. It completely changes the vibe of the entire house making everybody feel pleasant, happy, and relaxed. It has many benefits and is the best present.

Amazing fragrance

Bakhoor has a long-lasting fragrance, unlike any perfume or scent. There are many types of Bakhoor in the market and have different prices as well. If you try to look for the best Bakhoor in Pakistan you’ll find various Bakhoors with different fragrances. And all the fragrances are very natural and organic that it will make your room smell heavenly.

Helps with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become a major problem for almost every person and sometimes it gets really difficult to cope with it. People often go for stress-releasing medicines to get some peace of mind but even those have a short time effect. A natural solution to this problem is Bakhoor. If you light up rosemary Bakhoor in your room it will help in your anxiety and releasing stress and eases your nerves.

Bakhoor purifies the air

Bakhoor not only gives an unforgettable odor but also acts as a medical beneficent for several conditions. People who have problems like asthma or couldn’t breathe properly and those who have epilepsy, find it soothing to sit in a room where Bakhoor is lit. It helps them to breathe easily and calms their body.


Meditation is a good exercise for the mind as it helps to put your mind at ease and clears your head from all negativity for a while. And if you are sitting in a room where Bakhhor is lit, you’ll feel more relaxed while meditating and your whole body will feel a calming effect.

Coherence and balance

It often happens that you feel like your life is falling apart and you couldn’t maintain the balance between things. Things like that make you feel depressed and frustrated. In a situation like that inhale the fresh and natural scent of Bakhoor which will help you relax your mind and gives you a clear sense of direction so that you can stay persistent in your goal and maintain balance in life.

These are some of the amazing benefits of lighting a Bakhoor in your room. It surely helps a lot when it comes to comforting your mind and soul from the chaotic world for a while. So go and grab your favorite Bakhoor scent and make yourself feel relaxed because you deserve it.