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What you need to know about spray paints

The use of spray paint is a great way to add color and dimension to your project. Spray paints are typically used on surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, and concrete.

1. Titan spray paints are designed for both indoor and outdoor use

Titan Paint Sprayers are often used by professionals like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, homeowners looking to improve their house’s exterior appearance. Not only can you use Titan’s paint sprayers for spraying all types of paints (latex or oil-based), stains, and sealers, but you can also use them for spraying adhesives, glues, varnishes, and even grouts. Alltitan offers a wide range of paint sprayers designed for different purposes such as interior or exterior house painting jobs.

2. Parts of Titan spray paints

Titan’s paint sprayers work by atomizing and spraying material. These paint sprayers mostly feature a ‘piston pump’, the main mechanism of the titan spray gun, which is responsible for drawing out and pumping liquid from the inside to the tip of the spray tip so it flows at high pressure through the nozzle. The piston pump then creates suction that pulls air into your paint sprayer and pushes the liquid back out through the nozzle. Titan paint sprayer parts are:

  • paint cup
  • pressure regulator valve
  • measuring cup
  • hammer pump piston (piston inside of the chamber)

3. Titan offers a range of paint sprayers

Titan paint sprayers offers a range of paint sprayers suitable for different jobs such as: interior or exterior house painting jobs, as well as for furniture, tools and equipment painting jobs. It offer professional-grade features such as:

  • Rust protection coating which protects your paint sprayer from rust.
  • Adjustable spray pattern control, allowing you to adjust the width of your paint spray.
  • On/Off switch on most models for easy use.

4. Titan’s paint sprayers are designed with comfort in mind

Titan Paint Sprayers are designed to be ergonomic and lightweight so you can comfortably hold them for long periods of time. Most of Titan’s sprayers feature a handle and trigger that are easy to grip, even in wet or cold conditions. They also offer:

  • Trigger lock option which helps prevent the sprayer from accidentally discharging when not in use. This is especially useful for storage purposes.
  • Customize your titan paint sprayer with a different color or design
  • Low VOC paint sprayers that won’t harm your family and the environment. Its coatings such as waterborne, water based and even latex paints are widely available on the market today. Low VOC is good for health since it doesn’t emit toxic fumes like most solvent-based products do.

5. Titan’s paint sprayers are available for sale on Amazon

Amazon offers you a wide range of paint sprayers from different brands and at a good price, enabling you to choose the best-rated option that meets your needs. You also have access to reviews from other customers who can help you decide whether or not a certain model is right for you. Shopping online on Amazon Canada is easy, practical, and secure. All you need to do is visit Amazon’s Titan Paint Sprayers page, choose your paint sprayer model and click ‘add to cart.


Titan offers a wide range of paint sprayers for different purposes such as: interior or exterior house painting jobs, as well as for furniture, tools and equipment painting jobs. Titan’s paint sprayers are well-built making them easy to use in different weather conditions. They also come with several features such as: adjustable patterns, on/off switch or trigger lock which make your work easier. The look of the model you choose is another feature that can help you decide when choosing a paint sprayer. Titan Paint Sprayers are available for sale on Amazon Canada. They offer good prices, reviews from other customers who have already purchased the model you are considering and easy online shopping.