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Things to Know Before Getting a Floorstanding Vanity Unit with Basin

floor standing vanity units with basin

Floor standing vanity units with basin is a type of bathroom units that is high in demand thanks to their eye-catching appearance and the convenience they offer. More and more people are shifting towards vanity units from standard and primitive washbasins. It is because these are economical, stylish, and space savers. Combining two fixtures into a single combo unit offers ample storage capacity as well as a worktop sink over it. It helps you in many ways. 

If you want to join the party, this guide will help you through some key concepts you should know before buying one for your bathroom. Before further discussing anything, let’s understand what a floor-standing vanity unit with a basin is.

What is a Floor standing Vanity Unit with Basin?

A vanity unit is a cabinet with a countertop shelf that either carries or fixates a basin sink on top. In specific terms, a floor standing vanity unit with a basin is a vanity unit that stands on top of the floor instead of attaching to the wall and therefore bears its weight.

Building supplies does not provide only ample shelf space along with a sink bowl but also provide ample room for storage. The vanity units are the best way to turn the extra space into cabinets that would otherwise be gone to waste in case of a washbasin.  

Advantages of Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

There are various benefits that are associated with floor standing vanities. We discuss a few of these as follows. 

  • One of the major advantages of this vanity unit is that these offers combine functionality in a single fixture. It is the storage unit in addition to a worktop sink that covers the space on top. So, you no more need a separate sink in your bathroom. That means it will save you space. In addition to that, you will no longer need to spend money on the washbasin, as these units are pretty economical too. 
  • Because these are freestanding units, you can place them anywhere in the bathroom. It is contrary to the fitted storage units that are only fitted along the wall or remain static. So, it is the flexibility offered by these storage vanities. 
  • Another great thing about these storage furniture units with worktop sinks is that they are available in various designs and shapes. If you want to create a classic look, then you can find such a unit from the range. Or, in case you want a contemporary style fixture even then, that is possible.
  • The floor-standing vanities are spacious and provide ample storage capacity for bathroom essentials. These units are usually more spacious than standard storage units. 
  • From medium to large, these vanities units can fit well in every bathroom without any problems. The worktop sinks over them to enhance their functionality and looks. 
  • These units look more like the standard household furniture units like cabinets. Due to their looks, these easily become the center of attention in the bathroom. 

Factors To Consider for Floor Standing Vanity Units with Basin

Bringing straight to the shop market to shop for a floor-standing vanity unit with a basin without doing much homework wouldn’t be a wise decision. Make sure you pay heed to these four factors to get the best deal out of the vanity unit your purchase.

  • Bathroom Size

Floorstanding vanity units are generally quite bulky in appearance and size. Although, there are smaller sizes made for congested bathrooms till they acquire more space than a simple washbasin. There is a high chance the floor standing vanity units with the basin seen on the internet might not fit into your bathroom.

No matter what bathroom furniture or fixture you are buying, it is always mandatory to measure your bathroom space. You wouldn’t want to get a vanity unit that doesn’t adjust in your bathroom.

  • Budget

Formulating the budget is one of the first things you should do while planning a bathroom upgrade. Floorstanding vanity units do cost a lot, especially more than a washbasin. Bathroom vanity units are available in various sizes and shapes that come with diverse price ranges. Therefore, it is necessary to have a budget in mind to keep your expenditures in check.

  • Material and Style of Vanity Unit

The design, size, and manufacturing material of a vanity unit vary a lot. You will get scores of choices and options to choose from. The code to selecting the best of the lot is to stick to the theme and style statement your bathroom has.

Similarly, in the material’s case, you get options such as anthracite, marble, and wood. Go with wood if you want a raw and crafty look, but if you are more for durability and strength, the marble would be a promising choice.

Final Thoughts.

The floor standing vanity units with basin are an excellent choice for all types and sizes of bathrooms. From classic, traditional to modern, these can help you create many looks. The combined storage with a worktop sink makes that highly practical addition to your bathroom. You can check Royal Bathrooms UK’s online store for high quality and reasonable price storage furniture units.