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How Cleaning Carpets Can Prevent Pests from Entering Your House

Cleaning Carpets Can Prevent Pests

Janitor's Hand Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

What do you do when pests get into the carpets and upholstery? Well, they can actually lead to destruction, spread the disease, cause allergies and unavoidable stress. Other than maintaining high level of hygiene for the carpets and furniture, hiring a professional for necessary cleaning may act as a preventative measure against pests. If there has already been an infestation, hiring a professional carpet cleaning or contacting a pest control company is considered to be the most effective option for the removal.

How will you know whether you require pest control?

The warning of pest problem is some kind of damage to the carpet or rugs. You might have just spotted a tiny piece of carpet, eggs and moth larvae. Other signs such as itching, rashes and bites are usually associated with bedbugs and fleas. So, before it is too late, you should see that your house is completely free from the attack of pests. This ensures your carpets will last for a very long time with proper carpet cleaning.

Why should you get carpets as well as upholstery cleaned from the professionals?

With how-to guides and DIY solutions on the Internet, the carpets can be cleaned properly so that they may last for several years. But without having necessary equipment, it seems quite probable that your efforts won’t do away with the infestation. If you select inappropriate detergent, then this may cause permanent damage to the upholstery and carpets.

Hot Water Extraction or HWE is said to be an effective way for pest control than opting for domestic vacuum. While a vacuum can pick up small insects and pests only, HWE will be able to use steam at a high temperature for killing the eggs. The method uses least amount of detergent and is a safer option for use in the environments with kids and pets.

Common kinds of carpet pests

Also known as textile pests, both the residual and aerosol insecticides are generally sold for household use which seems to be very effective to use on the infested objects.


This is considered to be a common pest for households with pets. The pressure and high temperature of HWE’s can reach the base of carpet fibres which are necessary for killing larvae, fleas and eggs.

Carpet beetles and moths 

Though beetles and moths don’t eat fabric, their larvae generally do. Adult beetles usually lay the eggs in closets, air ducts, baseboards or under furniture. Once the hatching is done, the larvae leave undisturbed areas and feed on organic material. Debris, pet urine and soil offer the right breeding ground for these kinds of pests.


Different ways are there how bedbugs may enter your house anytime. If you can carry second-hand furniture indoors without checking it properly, then this is a common entry mode. They are very difficult to remove yourself as they may be highly resistant to certain insecticides.

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