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Ocean Freight Oman by Al Nowras

Ocean Freight Oman

Ocean Freight Oman by Alnowras is one of the leading sea and air freight companies in the Middle East. Their services range from Customs clearance and sea freight to 24-hour customer service. With competitive pricing, you can count on them to meet your needs.

Customs clearance

The logistics service of Al Nowras has become a major player in the sea freight industry in Oman. With a fleet of 200 vehicles, the company offers a wide range of shipping services. Moreover, the company has a strong network of contacts and reliable partners across the Sultanate. Besides, the company has developed a loyal customer base and has invested in state-of-the-art facilities.

Its logistics team is professional and has a great track record. Not only does it provide excellent customer support, but it also provides competitive quotes for all types of shipments. A dedicated account manager is available to help clients.

Al Nowras’s extensive experience in the logistics field has helped it to build solid relationships with various companies. From break bulk to national shipping services, they have the capacity to handle any type of logistic project. They are also available 24 hours a day to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Al Nowras has a reliable network of contacts, including the local customs department, to ensure that your cargo is delivered on time. And, if your shipment gets lost, the company’s team is available to help you out.

Sea and air freight

Sea and air freight in Oman have been growing steadily over the past few years. The country has a super strategic location along the Persian Gulf. It is also a key transit point between Asia and Europe. So, it is no wonder that millions of tons of goods are delivered to Oman seaports each year.

Among the top imports are autos, refined petroleum products, and aircraft. The Central Bank of Oman tracks the logistics and transport sector’s growth. In recent years, new onshore and offshore concessions have been issued.

Air freight is a convenient method of transportation. However, it is not ideal for shipping bulky or heavy items.

Moreover, the cost of air freight is higher than sea freight. Additionally, the time it takes to ship a shipment will depend on the service you choose.

As far as the best way to get a shipment from China to Oman, you’ve got a few choices. You can opt for sea freight, air freight, or a combination of both.

Competitive pricing

The e-Commerce boom has boosted ocean shipping rates, pushing them above 7x what they were in the beginning of the year. For shipowners, the good news is that there is plenty of competition.

The best companies in the industry make it their business to deliver a seamless experience to their customers. Aside from delivering your goods, they provide customs clearance, sorting, packaging, and tracking solutions to keep your cargo in order. They are available to you around the clock.

For example, Globitex offers seamless sea freight tools and services, from real-time quotes to tracking and tracking devices. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to your freight needs, Globitex is your go-to source.

SeaRates offers multimodal logistics and shortsea services for the Middle East, China, and the Far East. These include guaranteed space from China, shortsea feeder services in Europe, and sustainable transport solutions in the Far East. Moreover, they offer support teams located all over the world to help you on your way.

24-hour customer service

Al Nowras is a leading global logistics company with an impressive history of service in the Sultanate. The company has developed a reliable network of logistics partners across the world, and offers a wide range of services. From direct transit to customs brokerage, the Al Nowras team can handle even the most complex shipping needs.

Whether you want to ship a small parcel or a full load, the Al Nowras team is available round the clock to provide you with exemplary customer service. They have decades of experience in the maritime industry and can help you to get your shipments safely to their destination.

As a global company, Al Nowras has built strong partnerships with leading companies in the GCC. This allows them to offer better customer service than any of their competitors. Moreover, they can offer competitive quotes for your transportation needs.

Aside from the standard services, the Al Nowras team can also provide 24-hour emergency assistance. If you have a time-sensitive shipment, they can ensure that it arrives on time.