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Top Seven Ways Workout to Burn Calories Does It work?

Burn Calories

The rowing machine is an effective way to work out and add flavor to your cardio workout routine. However, if one has the slightest idea of how to use it, it can also be intimidating and embarrassing.

You can benefit from the machine, also known as the ergometer, through effective some known effective ways. It can burn about 250-300 calories in 30 minutes, depending on how you use it. From the look of things, when the rowing machine is used appropriately, it can do wonders.

In addition, a rowing machine can work the legs and the entire core. Nevertheless, improper ways may result in back injuries. Therefore, it is essential to use it correctly. To help you out, here are the top 7 ways to work out to use a rowing machine and see better results.

  1. Ensure you set the damper to the appropriate level. Set the drag between two to three if you are beginning and between three and five if you are a pro. The damper setting determines how heavier or great the resistance will be.
  2. Never put a lot of pressure on your arms; this could result in injuries. However, you can put a lot of power on your legs as you push. Most experts suggest about 60% strength on your feet, 20% on your core, and 20% on your arms.
  3. Push first with your legs, then as you pull backward, use your hips as the pivot, and finally, draw your arms slightly into your chest. After achieving this position, you can reverse the order to the starting position.
  4. Engage your core muscles and relax your shoulders, so they are pulled back and down. Your back should be such that your spine is neutral.
  5. Time your movements as your feet push and your arms pull to prevent your position or seat from thrashing forward. Your stroking movements should be coordinated so that you can stop at any time between the reps.
  6. You should ensure that your core or your abs are tight. This makes it easier for your feet and arms to be in harmony. The center connects the upper and lower body; hence it is essential to have it turned on to maintain a strong position or posture.
  7. You should know how to read the labels on the machine to learn your numbers. For instance, the time split shows your speed, in other words, how long it may take you to row 500 meters. In addition, the strokes per minute (SPM) indicate your power. This way, you can effectively know your speed or energy to establish the right stroke. Many rowing experts say you should stay between 20 and 30 SPM.

Here is a breakdown if you need help understanding the above top 7 ways to use rowing machine workouts.


  • Set the resistance or weight to a low one to establish your form.
  • Ensure your feet are perfectly secured on the pads so your feet will not slide.
  • Pull the handle with your feet as you pull into your chest with your arms. Ensure your legs stay straight, and the knees bend slightly but do not lock.
  • For the effective rep, lean back slightly and pull your hands up into your chest. It would help if you started your workout at this position, which is the end of one rep or stroke.
  • Ensure your core is turned on to maintain the connection between your upper and lower body.
  • Make sure you know how to use the machine to read and interpret the labels.
  • Always have a workout plan.