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What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress that You Must Know?

Hybrid Mattress

There is a lot of hype surrounding hybrid mattresses, as these new-age beds have a lot to offer. But what is a hybrid mattress, after all? A hybrid mattress is a bed made of multiple layers as it combines latex, memory foam or gel, and an innerspring system. Hybrid mattresses allow sleepers to enjoy the pressure-relieving comfort of the foam layers coupled with the sturdy support of a classic spring mattress. 

Thus, hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds as they provide the perfect amalgamation of comfort and support. If you enjoy the bounce and support of a spring mattress and want the comfort of foam, a hybrid mattress is a perfect option. Whether you want a single bed mattress or a king-size mattress, a hybrid mattress offers a range of benefits. This article will discuss mattresses benefits and where you can shop a mattress online to get the best deals.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress and How Does It Work?

Hybrid mattresses are the ideal of the phrase “have your cake and eat it too.” As the name implies, these mattresses blend layers from a variety of other mattress kinds, such as foam, latex, and innerspring, to provide benefits from all of them. What’s the catch? They’re a little pricey.


The moment you lie on a hybrid mattress, you feel incredibly comfortable. When it comes to comfort, hybrid mattresses rank at the top. The foam layer – consisting of memory foam, cooling gel or latex – provides contouring support as it hugs your body. 

With the supportiveness of pocket-coil springs underneath, the sleeper feels weightless, as if they’re lying on a fluffy cloud. Thus, sleeping on a hybrid mattress is highly soothing to your body, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.

Soothes Pains

If you suffer from back and joint aches or you’re tired due to exertion, you will receive fantastic pressure relief when you sleep on a hybrid mattress. The pocket spring’s support provides excellent spinal alignment and postural care. 

Thanks to the foam layer, each pocket spring independently reacts to your body’s shape and weight. Thus, hybrid mattresses can extend just the right support depending on the body part.

Relieves Pressure Points

If you experience pain in your shoulders or hip cramps when you wake up, it’s a sign you’re not sleeping on the right mattress. A mattress that is too firm can end up exerting unnecessary pressure on your joints while you sleep. A hybrid mattress combines innerspring with memory foam, so you get the benefits of both technologies. Hybrids allow sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort. They typically have the same size coils as what you would find inside innerspring mattresses with a top layer of memory foam support and contouring.

In addition, you can add an adjustable bed base for better comfort and health benefits.

Airy and Breathable

One of the most common problems that people experience with memory foam mattresses is that they retain body heat, leading to night sweats. On the other hand, Hybrid mattresses offer a cool and airy sleeping environment thanks to the breathable innerspring core. Innerspring coils have 28% better heat transferring properties than memory foam. 

Hybrid mattresses have built-in cooling technology and are a great choice if you have a higher body temperature or live in a warmer region.

The coils of a hybrid mattress allow air to travel through the core and don’t trap heat like other mattresses. Moreover, added gel beads in some hybrid models vaporize body heat better and keep it cool.

Hybrid mattresses are cool and breezy, making them perfect, especially for hot sleepers. Additionally, the more advanced hybrid mattresses come with layers such as latex, which is a naturally cooling material.

Perfect Edge Support

Another great thing about hybrid mattresses is the edge support that they provide. Edge support is the structural integrity on the edges of a mattress. While foam mattresses typically do not have good edge support, hybrid mattresses score big in this area due to the structural spring system. They offer excellent edge support because of the structural spring system. Also support all the way out to the edges, increasing the overall surface area you can use to sleep on. They have excellent support around the perimeter, offering more surface area for you to sleep on comfortably. A hybrid king-sized mattress would have ample space for a couple and a child to sleep easily.


Hybrid mattresses come with a variety of features to suit individual needs. Such as, for the core, you can opt for pocket coil springs or an innerspring system.

Reduced Motion Transfer

The Latest Hybrid mattresses are better at reducing motion transfer than traditional spring mattresses since they are made of pocket coils. Innerspring mattresses behave like one unit as all the metal springs are interconnected. They are not suitable for ideal weight distribution or motion transfer as all the springs move together. Pocket-coils consist of individually wrapped springs, so any sinking or motion is isolated to wherever weight is placed and the foam on top of the springs helps to absorb motion turbulence as well.

Nevertheless, pocket-coil spring systems comprise individually wrapped springs, confining the motion to the area where weight is exerted. Thus, the foam and pocket-coil spring combination offer minimal motion transfer, allowing you to have a peaceful slumber. Consider a hybrid king-size mattress if you need the maximum amount of comfort for two people while sleeping.

To be considered a true hybrid mattress, the comfort layer must contain at least two inches of latex, memory foam, or both (the precise ratio will vary depending on the manufacturer). In some cases, the comfort layer is reinforced with gel to help prevent heat retention.

Hybrid mattresses combine multiple layers, including memory foam, gel, and innerspring systems. These have many benefits such as extra comfort, pain relief, pressure point support, breathability, edge support, and reduced motion transfer. You can buy mattresses online at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and grab the best deals on your purchase. On the EMI Store, you can get attractive discounts and No Cost EMI offers on a wide range of mattresses ranging from hybrid king-size mattresses to innerspring single bed mattresses.