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What will a Wedding Planner Charge? The Real Price Elements of a Destination Wedding

Wedding Planner

Many people regard wedding planner as an ‘extra expense’ at a wedding; after all, many of us presume they are expensive and only for the ‘posh,’ and that they can be avoided completely by doing all of the work ourselves. But let us assure you that choosing the right destination wedding planning companies is indeed an investment that will go a long way toward making sure that both you and your relatives have your hands free to enjoy yourselves at the wedding. Yes, we realize you can handle all of that, but if you truly want to enjoy your marriage without any strings attached, it’s a sensible decision to hire one.

So, naturally, the next question seems to be, how exactly does a wedding planner cost in India? Before we get there, we should explain what a wedding planner does at a marriage celebration, which is more than just taking good care of the decor—yes, wedding planners or decorators are two separate entities. Wedding planners handle the entire wedding, whereas decorators only handle the decor.

So, what exactly could a wedding planner do?

Wedding planners focus on providing 360º solutions for all things marital, including venue, food, lodging, and even airport transfers—so they take care of everything big and small.

  • Responsibilities before the wedding
  • Making realistic budgets
  • Planning everything including marriage favors to entertainment
  • Design and execution of the decor
  • Management of hospitality and logistics
  • Wedding trinkets
  • Catering management and menu design
  • Time and budget management
  • Wedding photography and videography
  • Wedding amusement
  • Wedding favors and gifts
  • Permissions and licenses for online presence
  • Wedding Protection Insurance

That’s a long list, isn’t it? Imagine having a wedding planner handle all of these details for you! Your members of the family can leave all of this to someone else—following up with contractors and making sure everything runs smoothly!

How much will a wedding planner in India cost?

Weddings planners in India range in price from Rs 2 to Rs 6 plus Lakh, depending on the company’s expertise and popularity. All of these factors are also determined by the ceremony’s budget or magnitude, in addition to the location/venue selected. This is simply the wedding planner’s fee; it does not include your wedding decor or any of the commitments listed above. Those are overheads that they have contracted with vendors and that you are expected to pay for, but are managed by them.

Estimate between 10-12 percent of the wedding costs as a fee towards the planner for the entire wedding, depending on the services provided, role and responsibilities, size of the gathering, and so on.

Many planners furthermore work as a one-stop shop, especially for smaller-budget weddings, and many offer all-inclusive packages and otherwise charge a fixed fee.

Destination weddings may incur additional costs if indeed the team of wedding planners travels as well, particularly if it is abroad. Many wedding planners also provide ‘consultancy services’ regarding venues, hotels, locations, and credible vendors for a nominal fee starting at Rs 20,000, allowing you to plan your wedding with useful input and want to do away with the destination wedding planner cost.